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HIPAA Email Secure Messaging with WordSecure

HIPAA Email Security The HIPAA email regulations are mandated by U.S. Federal law to ensure patient privacy, but compliance need not be expensive or complex. The same encryption standards used by banks and ecommerce sites worldwide are available to you instantly, when you get WordSecure Messaging.

Easily encrypt and send secure messages, medical information, and electronic attachments to anyone, from anywhere. WordSecure Messaging is convenient, reliable and affordable.

By subscribing to WordSecure, you have access to your own encrypted, online messaging and notification system. Encrypted messaging is a preferred alternative to standard email sent in non-secure, clear text. WordSecure supports HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates in their goal to become HIPAA email compliant. Secure messages and electronic files may be sent to anyone you designate to use your personal WordSecure Messaging System. It's ideal for physician practices, insurance professionals, alternative healthcare practitioners, psychotherapists, hospice care centers, and anyone who is responsible for protected healthcare information (PHI) and needs to comply with the HIPAA security rule.

Also, with WordSecure, you can rest easy, knowing your patients' information can be sent over the internet securely anytime, day or night, using industry-standard best practices for data security. WordSecure provides protection from identity theft, as well. Best of all, you need not install, configure, or maintain complicated email encryption software or face the hassle of supporting in-house computer hardware systems to support secure messaging. You sign up, your clients create accounts at no extra charge to them, and you can begin sending secure messages immediately. It's that easy. Your office manager or you can have it up and running in minutes!

Protect your patient healthcare information and send it with all the convenience of email, but securely online. Reduce the risks of malpractice liability and HIPAA fines for non-compliance by providing secure communications within your organization now. Click here to Subscribe to WordSecure and get up to date with HIPAA email security requirements today. While secure messaging with Wordsecure isn't the only action required to be fully compliant with HIPAA, it is the easiest first step your organization can make. Start today and be ready in minutes:

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